“Ageing with HIV” symposium

Over the last three decades, we have witnessed tremendous progress in HIV care. Millions of people all over the world are now living longer with HIV thanks to antiretroviral treatment (ART). While they are living to older ages, research has shown that these people have…

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HIV study finds no sign of accelerated ageing

Do people living with HIV age more quickly, despite the fact that their infection is well controlled by antiretroviral treatment? Concerns have emerged in recent years, and the COBRA study was launched to look into the matter by exploring links with age-related conditions, with a…

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Media attention PhD defenses AGEhIV study

Friday January 27 2017 two AGEhIV research-physicians, Judith Schouten and Katherine Kooij, successfully defended their PhD-theses. The day prior to their PhD defenses unexpectedly considerable media attention was given to the results of the study, such as during the Dutch public news broadcasting agency (NOS)…

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Predictors of Neurocognitive Disorders

Both HIV-related factors as well as factors indirectly or not related to HIV may play a role in the development of cognitive disorders in HIV-positive patients.

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High blood pressure is more prevalent among HIV-positive participants. This might be the result of a larger waist-to-hip ratio in HIV-positive participants.

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