The AGEhIV Cohort Study is a study investigating comorbidities and ageing

The AGEhIV Cohort Study assesses aging and ageing-related diseases in people living with and without HIV. The study was initiated in 2010 at the HIV outpatient clinic of the Academic Medical Center and the infectious diseases research department of the GGD in Amsterdam. The study focuses on determining the prevalence and incidence of ageing-related diseases, also called comorbidities, and organ dysfunction. In particular, the study aims to address differences between people living with and without HIV.

Participants of the AGEhIV Cohort Study are invited for biennial study visits. At present, no end date has been specified for this study. Long-term follow up of AGEhIV study participants is of paramount importance to obtain a more complete picture of what it means to age with or without HIV. This might answer the question whether people living with HIV develop comorbidities more rapidly than people living without HIV, and which risk factors contribute to the development of these comorbidities. Hopefully this will contribute to an (even) better level of care and to more knowledge about how people living with HIV age resiliently.

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